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Glossary: Flowers B
Baby's Breath: Fine, delicate, white flowers usually used as filler. The flowers bloom from a profusion of tiny branches growing off a central stem. An inexpensive flower, baby's breath is available year-round at any florist.

Bachelor Button: Available in white, pink, red and blue. They resemble tiny bright carnations and are used to punctuate larger arrangements. Available in summer.

Begonia: Usually seen as a garden border plant, begonias are available in a wide range of colors. The thick waxy leaves and stems are usually a purplish-red and the blooms are commonly pink, though they are available in red, orange and white. They are best for decoration and can also be used in centerpieces. Available spring through fall.

Bells-of-Ireland: These flowers grow in evenly-spaced clusters along a single, tapering stem. The flowers are the color of a granny smith apple and are shaped like bells. They are very sturdy and long-lasting. Watch out for the occasional thorn!

Birch: A tree whose branches and logs usually feature a beautiful white bark. Young switches of birch can be a deep purple and serve as lovely location decorations alone or as part of large flower arrangements.

Bird of Paradise: Each of these large, bright-orange tropical flowers is reminiscent of a bird's wing. The orange blooms are streaked with purple and white and sit atop thick, sturdy stalks. Because of their size and weight, these flowers are far better suited for table arrangements than bridal bouquets.

Bleeding Heart: A flowering plant usually seen in border gardens but also used in potted arrangements. The plants feature deep-pink, drooping, heart-shaped flowers. These would be lovely as location decorations particularly for a wedding set in a garden.

Bluebell: These bell-shaped flowers grow 12 to 24 inches high, with the blooms clustered closely together. The flowers bloom in spring and usually die off by mid-to-late summer. Due to the fleeting nature of the blooming time, these flowers are not easily found nationwide.

Bouvardia: A small tubular flower with a starburst of petals. Usually found in brilliant snow white, bouvardia also comes in pink and red varieties. This flower is most often used as an accent or background flower in bridal bouquets. Available in spring and summer.

Boxwood: Often referred to simply as box, this greenery is used as filler for table arrangements and bouquets. Branches of sturdy box bear small, dark-green leaves and can work well to support heavier arrangements.

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